5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Finishing Your Orthodontic Treatment (With Local Ideas!)

Finishing Invisalign® treatment or getting your braces off is a momentous occasion. You brushed and flossed, you cared for your braces or aligners, you came in for appointments and now you have a fantastic smile to show for it. 

Of course, if you’re one of our Oak Ridge or Wayne orthodontic patients, my team and I will help you celebrate, but I think it’s important for you to honor the occasion too! That’s why, in this post, in addition to covering the basics of finishing treatment, I’ll also be sharing some fun ideas for how to celebrate the milestone.

The Basics of Finishing Invisalign or Braces Treatment

How long does Invisalign take? How long do braces take? 

While the length of your treatment will vary depending on your age, the severity of your case and your own individual biology, for most patients, Invisalign and braces take about 12 to 18 months for moderate cases and 18 to 24 months for comprehensive cases. It could be a bit longer or shorter, but at Smile Experience Orthodontics, I prioritize helping patients finish treatment in under two years. Regardless of the duration, seeing your progress in the mirror really makes the time fly.

What happens when I get my braces removed?

When you finish your braces treatment, I’ll use a special tool to remove your wires and brackets. I’ll get rid of any leftover adhesive, polish your teeth and let you admire your new smile in the mirror. 

Finally, a team member will take digital impressions so that I can design a custom retainer for you. Wearing a retainer after braces will prevent your teeth from shifting and ensure your results are stable. 

Does getting braces off hurt?

No, getting braces off does not hurt at all. And, there are no needles involved! 

What happens after the last Invisalign tray?

We’ve talked about braces, but what happens after the last Invisalign tray? When you finish your treatment, a Smile Experience team member will take digital scans of your mouth. I’ll then design a custom, removable retainer for you that will hold your teeth in their final positions and help you maintain your results for life. The clear retainer, sometimes called an Invisalign retainer, is comfortable and discreet just like your aligners were. 

How to Celebrate Getting Your Braces Off or Finishing Invisalign

Okay, now onto the fun stuff. Here are some ideas for celebrating the end of your orthodontic treatment:

  1. Enjoy a Special Meal

    You no longer have to take your Invisalign aligners out in public before a meal or, if you had braces, worry about what you can order on the menu. Take full advantage by going out to eat or getting takeout from your favorite restaurant. Some great spots include:
5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Finishing Your Orthodontic Treatment (With Local Ideas!) 1
  1. Treat Yourself!

    Reward yourself with something that highlights your healthy, beautiful smile. Get a haircut at the barbershop or salon or splurge on a facial at a local spa. You might want to try:
  1. Do a Photoshoot

    Ask a friend or family member to take pictures on the day your braces come off or you remove your last Invisalign tray. Want to go bigger? Book a session with a professional photographer to capture your smile. 
  1. Whiten Your Teeth

    Get the straight, white teeth of your dreams with professional teeth whitening. While over-the-counter whitening toothpastes and strips are somewhat effective, they generally only eliminate surface stains. Professional whitening will safely dissolve deeper stains and give you dramatic results without damaging your teeth. While it does cost a little more than drugstore products, it’s a well-deserved way to top off your smile makeover. 

    At Smile Experience Orthodontics, we offer teeth whitening at the end of treatment for $100. I have patients use their retainers and the custom-branded whitening kit. Wear it for a half hour a night for two weeks and you’ll get a remarkably brighter smile.

Ready to Get a Smile You Want to Celebrate? If you haven’t started treatment yet and you want a smile you’re proud to show off, schedule a complimentary consultation at Smile Experience Orthodontics. My team and I offer modern metal and clear braces and I’m also the #1 Invisalign provider in Wayne and Oak Ridge, NJ. I’ll help you decide on the treatment option that will work for your lifestyle and give you the best possible results.