How Much do Braces Cost?

If you’re considering straightening your teeth to beautify your smile,, a popular question you may be asking is how much do braces cost. An exact cost for your braces will depend on the type of braces you choose, your dental insurance, and the length of time that you will need to have braces on your teeth. Different treatment methods will also impact the cost. There are ways to budget for braces and work with your orthodontist to develop a payment plan that you can afford.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The cost of braces without insurance can range between $3,000.00 and $6,5000.00. Several factors go into the expense. Here are some of the different variables that can impact the cost of treatment:

  • Location: Prices are more or less expensive depending on where you live and the cost of living in that area.
  • Treatment Method:. There are different treatment methods such as traditional braces, clear braces, braces behind the teeth, or clear aligners such as Invisalign. All of these options can cause the price to vary
  • Length of Treatment: The length of time that you need to wear braces and the complexity of your case can impact the cost.
  • Insurance Coverage: Insurance can often give a discount off of  the typical treatment fee as well as pay for a portion of your treatment. Depending on your plan they may cover anywhere in the range $750-$2,500 or sometimes more. This can drastically change your out of pocket cost. 

Are You Interested in Braces to Improve Your Smile?

While the question of ‘how much do braces cost’ can be a major consideration to perfecting your smile, braces can also improve the overall health of your teeth and gums. If you or a family member needs braces, Smile Experience Orthodontics can help. We’re happy to discuss the best treatment options that will improve your smile and fit your budget. We are also happy to do a complimentary review of your insurance benefits.  Contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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