How to Prevent Braces Stains on Teeth

The foods you eat, the frequency of your brushing and even the products you choose can have an impact on the way your braces look and perform. If you are concerned about braces stains on teeth, either now or when the braces are removed, learning more about the causes and simple solutions will help.

3 Ways Braces Stains On Teeth — And What to Do About It

Discover the Cause of the Staining: According to toothpaste and oral health giant Colgate, braces stains are rarely caused by the braces themselves. Instead, the stains are caused by bacteria or specific food types. If left to sit on the teeth, bacteria can darken the area around the braces, resulting in a stained look. Frequent brushing will eliminate the issue and help reduce the signs of staining — and leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthy, too.

Avoid Foods that Stain: Some foods and beverages are more likely to cause braces stains on teeth than others. Coffee and tea, some fruits, including blueberries and other colorful foods can leave behind a tint or stain when consumed. The best way to prevent stains on braces from the foods you enjoy is to brush regularly after meals. This washes away the potentially staining substance before it can settle in and add unwanted color to your teeth.

Whitening Products Don’t Help: While they sound beneficial, whitening toothpastes and products can actually leave your braces and teeth stained and looking less than their best. This may not be noticeable until the braces are removed, and you’re left with a ring of white around the bracket area. Opt for regular, non whitening toothpaste to eliminate this staining risk and get the smile you want.

Wise food and drink choices combined with regular brushing and flossing go a long way towards eliminating braces stains on teeth. Smile Experience Orthodontics can help you discover which approach works best for you and provides the results you want. Learning more about the proper care of your orthodontia can ensure you get the best possible results from the product and that you look and feel your best.

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